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Who is this for?

Every photographer will experience horrible weather on photo trips at some point. Images turn out boring and you have a lot of client work to return...

Skies set everything for your images. It sets the tone, highlights, shadows and the overall mood of your shot. Changing a sky can be a complicated thing to master and that is exactly what Sky Replacement Bootcamp is built for..

This course is for you if you have faced problems changing skies and can't match the foreground with the new sky.

This course is for you if you want to learn the most efficient and fastest workflows to change skies.

This is not your typical short YouTube tutorial where half of the details are left off. This is an ultimate guide for you to learn one of the most crucial parts of editing and I am here to make it simple and efficient for you.

Sky Replacement Bootcamp


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This Is What Others Are Saying

Just finished the sky replacement course and wanted to let you know how much I loved it! The way it's structured in modules is perfect for both absolute beginners and people who are more experienced with photoshop. Nothing more irritating than bad weather spoiling photos when traveling. This course provides the knowledge to completely transform average photos into some of my favourite work I've produced!
Luca PetersonPhotographer/Filmmaker
I just went through the entire course in a breath and, let me honestly say, it is incredible. I always struggled with all the different selection and blending techniques, and this course explains them all perfectly. Starting from the basics of Photoshop until mastering one of the most advanced techniques for blending. That's why you make a difference; you never give anything for granted! I would 100% recommend this course to everyone who is not always satisfied with their pictures because of bad weather conditions and want to achieve a different look.
Giacomo Podetti Photographer
Hey Julius. I just finished last section on Sky Replacement bootcamp and it was AMAZING. I learned there so many new techniques how to cut out skies (easy selections all the way to really complicated selections). I've always struggled how to make sky replacements as real as possible, how to make edges perfect, how to match colors and light but on that course I got answers to so many issues and much-much more. Everything was explained in a clear and detailed way. Also can not say how much motivation that course gave me to edit (I've basically edited every day til I started that course).
Reimovisuals Photographer
It's really great how you set up the course. You have thought of every single situation and you explain it so that even a beginner who is not yet familiar with Photoshop has no problem following you. I teach others in Photoshop myself, but with your course you showed me that many steps can be simplified. And that really impressed me. I love your way of presenting very complex things in a simplified way and you end up with a much better result. I had my difficulties, especially with more complex pictures where the sky has to be changed. Thanks to you, that is now a thing of the past. So I only come to one decision. ABSOLUTELY RECOMMENDED for beginners and pros!! Both thumbs up plus five stars
Hans Fineart Photographer/Instructor
Hey Julius, I have been watching the course the whole day and I honestly have to say that it has blown me away. As a photographer the course offers the perfect opportunity to learn how to master changing skies at a high level. Starting with the basics of photoshop, continuing with cutting out skies, learning how to blend images and how to edit the difficultest situations I could ever have imagined. It helped me way more than every single video I've watched before and it was way more than what I was looking for!! Already edited some new images with your techniques and can't wait to show them to you!!
Bruno Urli Photographer
Just finished your course, and I have to say I loved it! You explain everything from the basics to some pretty advanced techniques. It's easy to follow and I loved the way you explained things. I learned new techniques that I'll use in my future work. Some people say that they can get this knowledge from YouTube but this is not true. This course is super straight forward and you'll learn everything you need to know in due time. This is what I call a time saver!
Yomtov_Visuals Digital Artist
You explained everything so detailed. Even a beginner with no sky replacing experience can easily follow everyhting. I believe this course will improve my workflow and now I will look again at my old photos to improve them with a different sky. I really recommend everyone to get this course! You learn techniques you can use in every situation and it will help you a lot! Now you don't have to worry about the weather and you can still make perfect photos! Just again, thank you for making this course!
Lucas Duijn Photographer
From the very first lesson you explain everything in a super easy way where I think that even somebody with little to no experience in Photoshop can follow along. I also love how you explain most of the tools that you will be using at the start of the course so that once you get into the actual editing you already kinda know how and when certain tools can be used. Then the techniques slowly get more "difficult" but you explain it in a way where it is really easy to follow along. And being able to see the shortcuts on screen is really useful aswell.
Mike Guerts Digital Artist
I feel like, starting up Photoshop for the first time feels like a rather complex task, but the method that you use to teach it, step by step makes it real gentle. Unlike other courses you dont just throw out information, you explain it in a way that it sticks around in your head and helps you implement it in different situations, while editing. I recommend this course for every photographer out there, because we've all been in that situation, where the sky just ruined the photo. The fact is that this course helps you over come that hurdle. I strongly recommend this course to all the photographers and beginners of photoshop. Like the course before this, Julius has aced the explanation and every minute detail to perfection. Super impressed with it, and i personally recommended it to a ton of friends
Vedant Kothari Digital Artist

Student Results

Danny Argenal

Just finished the course. I learned so much bro. I have been applying all you taught me to my images. Definitely a lot of information but you can always come back to the videos.


Sky replacement bootcamp was incredible, loved it! I learned lots about blending, color grading and lighting, even though I already was familiar with Photoshop!


thanks to you, i was able to change this photo without any prior experience to photoshop and changing skies


I learned a lot of techniques that easen up the workflow and save a lot of time. I had a lot of fun going through the course and learn photoshop secrets from you.

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Sky Replacement Bootcamp


Learn through every single imaginable situation and get access to all assets, updates and years of knowledge gathered through trial and error. Get creative and join now.

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Course Curriculum

  • Lesson 1: Get Familiar With The Interface 10:29
  • Lesson 2: Simplifying Layers 07:14
  • Lesson 3: Simplifying Adjustment Layers 09:19
  • Lesson 4: Simplifying Blending Modes 06:44
  • Lesson 5: Simplifying Flow And Opacity 05:51
  • Lesson 6: All The Useful Shortcuts 09:12
  • Lesson 7: What To Keep In Mind Before You Change A Sky 04:07
  • Lesson 8: How To Use All The Different Selection Tools 14:56
  • Lesson 9: PROJECT 1, A Simple Way To Cut A Sky Out 10:33
  • Lesson 10: PROJECT 1, How To Make Cut Out Edges Look Good 05:18
  • Lesson 11: PROJECT 1, How To Match A Foreground With The Sky 05:53
  • Lesson 12: Quick And Easy, BUT A Destructive Way to Cut Out A Sky 10:31
  • Lesson 13: PROJECT 2, Most Common Way To Cut Out A Sky 10:04
  • Lesson 14: PROJECT 2, How To Remove Fringing Nondestructively 03:18
  • Lesson 15: PROJECT 2, How To Remove Fringing Destructively 08:18
  • Lesson 16: The Most Accurate Way To Cut Out A Sky 15:18
  • Lesson 17: How To Work With Tree lines 09:03
  • Lesson 18: How To Slowly Build Up An Accurate Selection 12:32
  • Lesson 19: PROJECT 3: When A Selection Can't Be Made With Tools 08:17
  • Lesson 20: PROJECT 1, How To Approach Blending 03:56
  • Lesson 21: PROJECT 1, How To Use Color Grading Tools 08:11
  • Lesson 22: PROJECT 1, How To Enhance Highlights And Create Light 10:18
  • Lesson 23: PROJECT 2, How To Blend The Sky With A Foreground 07:53
  • Lesson 24: PROJECT 2, How To Add Glow 06:20
  • Lesson 25: PROJECT 2, How To Enhance Your End Result In Camera RAW 08:45
  • Lesson 26: PROJECT 2, How To Create A Realistic Vignette And A Matte Finish 05:30
  • Lesson 27: PROJECT 3, How To Blend Complicated Differences 07:03
  • Lesson 28: PROJECT 3, How To Blend With Light And Adjustment Layers 10:03
  • Lesson 29: How To Change Bad Weather Conditions 34:03
  • Lesson 30: How To Turn A Day Into Sunset 32:30
  • Lesson 31: How To Turn A Day Into Night (Dreamy) 25:32
  • Lesson 32: How To Replace A Boring Night Sky 28:02
  • Lesson 33: How To Composite A Day Into A Sunset 17:26
  • Lesson 34: How To Do A Complicated Sky Replacement Indoors (Hotel) 33:34

Your Instructor

Julius Kähkönen - Photographer/Digital artist

Hi, I am Julius - a full time online instructor, photographer and a digital artist from Finland. I started editing and photography as a hobby a few years ago and after working long hours for years, my life has changed upside down. What started out as a hobby, turned into a dream and since then into reality. I've traveled the world while doing exactly what I love - teaching others what I've learned along the years and photographing stunning destination around the world.

My main focus for the past 3 years has been to help as many people as possible and I've been able to teach over 45000 people worldwide through my workshops and online courses. I've always been passionate about teaching and when I noticed that a lot of creators stay secretive about their work, I wanted to change that and start sharing everything I've learned. I get pure joy from being able to show others how to do something I specialize in.

Throughout the past 4 years I've also grown my Instagram account @visualsofjulius to over 436k followers and it has been an incredible journey up to this day.

With editing I specialize in composites and modifying the composition of my images freely. The techniques I use in editing allow me to transform whatever my imagination can come up with. The opportunities are endless and I can't wait to have you on board.

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