Hey my name is Julius. I love everything creativity related from digital art to painting to photography. I've always had a passion for teaching others and I get pure joy out of being able to show and teach something new to others. For 4 years I've been a full time online instructor and have had the pleasure to teach over 45000 people through my workshops and online courses. I believe that courses are the best way to learn due to the nature of courses having everything at one place and being able to watch them anywhere at any given time. I strive to be as detailed and understandable as possible with my teaching and I always focus on keeping all skill levels in mind.

With thousands of hours of practise, I was able to become quite good with editing in a short period of time but it wasn't easy. I wasted so much time since I never had a clear learning structure to follow. I was desperate for any small piece of information and scrolled through endless amounts of online tutorials to find something very specific that I needed for my projects. Courses save so much time and that is why I chose to focus on them 110%.

On the side I also have shared my work on Instagram and was able to grow my account from 0 to 436k+ followers in less than 4 years. I share my work and journey on Instagram daily and it has helped me to do several incredible things in life like travel the world and fulfill my creative needs. Photography, editing and painting are all things I love but I feel the most fulfilled whenever someone tells me that I have been able to help them to grow or achieve skillsets they never even imagined about.

I wanted to make editing accessible for everyone and that is why I created a 1+ hour free training that anyone can look through whenever. I highly recommend to register for this free training. My goal is to change the way you see editing and open your eyes for the endless opportunities Photoshop brings. In the training I also explain my personal journey all the way from high school to where I am now with doing this full time and sharing my work to hundreds of thousands of people daily. Register from the button below!